Make Sure Your Pavement is Smooth

Feel a bump when you pull into your driveway or your parking lot?

Those bumps are costing you money, and they could eventually lead to a disaster. Smother pavements extend the life of a pavement by as much as 25 percent according to the Asphalt Pavement Alliance. This allows the pavement to last longer and save money on both new construction and repairs.

Smooth pavement also improves tire contact, which provides better traction for your vehicle. While an asphalt driveway or a parking lot are not roads long traveled, surface pavement is one of the most important factors in the condition of your vehicle.

Smooth pavement allows for low fuel consumption. It also spares tires, shock and other vehicle parts. The sound of a bumpy ride should sound like spare changes spilling out of your vehicle. Keeping your surface smooth spares not only the pavement but also the vehicle.

Even though it is impossible to control the surface of every road traveled on, the areas that you can control should be smooth for a safer ride and a lifetime of savings over the life of the surface. A smooth surface leaves a positive impression on drivers while providing owners with a long sturdy life for their pavement.

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