Applying Tack Coat

When constructing a new asphalt surface what goes in between the layers is almost as important as the mix of the pavement.

Tack coat is commonly applied to the existing surface so the new layer of asphalt may bond with the layer below it. Tack coast should be applied to a clean surface. If dust or other contaminants are on the surface of the asphalt then it might prevent the tack coat from taking hold and effectively disrupt the entire pavement project.

After ensuring that the surface is clean then the tack coat is ready to be applied. Tack coat material is usually distributed across an area by a truck. Certain spots may require the manual application of the tack coat to ensure that the coat is uniformly applied across the entire area of the surface.

Tack coat is extremely sticking, which helps with the bonding between surfaces. It does make applying the coat more difficult. All vehicle and foot traffic needs to be diverted after the application of a layer of tack coat. The next layer of pavement should be placed almost immediately after the application of the tack coat.

Using a material transfer vehicle or a special paver with a spray bar prevents allows for the easy application of a layer of asphalt to the tack coat layer.

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