Asphalt Advances

Are all asphalts the same?

Not anymore thanks to new technologies that make asphalt more usable and last longer than ever before. New ways to apply the asphalt and new ways to mix now allow asphalt to be tailored to unique construction projects.

The load and viscosity of the asphalt mix may be tested over ranges of temperatures while compacting. This means that asphalt can be tested and tweaked in order to prevent failure for longer periods of time than ever before.

The ideal asphalt mix is layered, but with each layer working together to act as a single system. A single layer may work for a small asphalt project, but for larger commercial projects it is difficult to achieve the necessary density with only a single layer. The solution is creating a multilayered project that holds together. Finding the best “glue” to hold the layers together, while avoiding the cracking and decline of layers is the trick.

Other than the design of the project the mix is also an important consideration. Weather is a major consideration. Asphalt in the Chicagoland area needs to be able to with stand the cold winters filled with ice, snow and salt. Mixes in humid warm-weather states maybe be adjusted to better combat the challenges from that environment.

Advances in asphalt technology are making it an ideal surface for almost any construction project.

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