Asphalt Patios – Inexpensive and low maintainence

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Irish Castle Paving offers more than providing solutions for driveways or parking lots.

Looking for a great addition to your home?

Try adding an asphalt patio. The patio will be used as a gathering place for your family for years and provide a centerpiece for your outdoor activities. Even though asphalt still comes in classic black, if that color does not match your house that is not a problem anymore.

Asphalt may be tinted in a variety of colors including: red, pale terracotta and gray. An asphalt color exists to match almost any house, and choosing a color is not the only way to customize an asphalt patio. Ever dream about hosting a neighborhood pig roast?

Add a brick or stone fire pit to your patio. The fire pit creates the perfect gathering place for your family. Roast marshmallows or stay warm during a brisk fall night around your new fire pit. Irish Castle Paving can provide the perfect addition to your household. Ever dream about adding a paved patio or fire pit? It’s the perfect gift for your family.

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