Using a Durable and Affordable Asphalt for Exceptional Results

Our main work here at Irish Castle Asphalt Paving is just that: asphalt paving. We are the Chicago area’s black top expert when it comes to any size paving project.

High Quality Pavement

We strive to make your new paved surface will withstand changing temperature conditions, harsh UV rays from the sun, and the test of time. We offer paving and maintenance services for the following situations:


Parking Lots

A fresh, rich, black paved parking lot looks great and shows potential patrons you want to provide the best customer experience, even as your customers park on your premises.


An inexpensive solution for a great looking driveway. If you have problems with icing in the winter, a black paved driveway will heat up faster to melt snow and ice sooner.


Choose colored pavement in rich earth tones for a unique and affordable new patio that will last.


There is no better choice of building material than asphalt for sidewalks that need to expand, shrink, and sees substantial foot traffic.

If you have a project in mind and want to hire the best in the business, give Irish Castle Asphalt Paving a call at 708-599-0844. We can assess you’re your situation and give you a quote for free.