Chicago Flooding Ruin Your Driveway?

Have you dried out from the recent storm or is your basement still flooded?

The recent torrential downpour in the Chicago area caused an incredible amount of damage.

The five-and-half inches of rain that fell on the city flooded basements and streets quickly overwhelmed sewers and storm retention ponds. The flooding was so bad on the North Side of the city that engineers opened the locks on the Chicago River to reverse the flow back into Lake Michigan. The famous engineering feat that made the city’s growth possible turned into a detriment during the great of 2013.

Floods and severe weather seem to occur almost every year in the Chicago area. Severe rain damages infrastructure, sometimes in spectacular fashion. Various flood-related sinkholes opened up all over the area, some of which were so big that they swallowed up cars along the way.

Did your driveway or parking lot get damaged in the rainstorm? Even if the results were not as dramatic as a massive sinkhole, water is still pavement’s worse enemy. Flowing water eats away at surfaces. Sitting water gets into cracks and expands, which causes further damage pavement.

Whether your driveway is asphalt or concrete, if water damage occurred to your pavement during the recent flooding contact Irish Castle Paving. Small cracks quickly splinter under the force of water. The next rainstorm might not dump half-a-foot of water on the city, but do not let the rain get you down or breakdown your parking lot or driveway.

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