Don’t Trust Concrete Hustlers

Ever get stopped on the street and offered a too good to be true deal?

Maybe it was a speaker system that was from “overstock” or a gold watch that was on “clearance.” Business owners might encounter a similar type of scam: extremely cheap paving materials “leftover” from another job.

If the deal seems like a real steal then it just might be. Con artists exist in every profession, and if someone knocks on your door and offers amazingly cheap paving materials there is a good chance that it might be a scam. Don’t get in trouble looking for a deal and potentially receiving materials stolen from a construction site.

A quality built parking lot or driveway from Irish Castle Paving might last for more than 30 years. Irish Castle Paving uses quality materials and guarantees customers satisfaction with their work.

In the long run going with a cheap up front deal usually means paying more in the long run. Do not get sucked in by concrete hustlers looking to take advantage of you and your business. If it “fell” off of the back of a truck you do not want it, especially if it is concrete.


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