Hoop Dreams (and Driveway) Cracked

Ever want to install a basketball hoop in your front driveway?

What’s stopping you? For me it was cracks in the driveway. My family moved from a small town house to a regular sized single family home when I turned 5. At that age a swingset or a bike topped my wish list.

The cracks in the driveway were unsightly when my family moved in, but the time I turned 12 the main horizontal crack had turned into a gapping crevice. I wanted a basketball hoop to practice my shooting and play some one-on-one, but the driveway prevented the installation.

Can’t dribble a basketball on a driveway that looked like a miniature version of the Grand Canyon. So I asked and the years went past as vacations, new windows anything took priority over fixing the driveway. Went I started driving the size of the crevice took on new meaning. Every trip included a clunk of going over the growing hill.

Still the driveway remained in its state of disrepair an eyesore and a menace. It took two events to final get the concrete replaced. A friend rolled his ankle stepping on the chasm and a flat tire from backing out of the driveway too fast.

The freshly paved driveway ended up costing less than anticipated, but the cost of  not getting it fixed sooner remains. What’s more important? Saving money on driveway repairs or robbing a kid of his childhood dreams of having a basketball hoop.

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