How do you seal a driveway?

Now that it  looks like spring has finally arrived in Chicago this might be the time for do-it-yourselfers to tackle.

Sealing a driveway is not that difficult of a job. All it is takes is the right materials, a couple of hours of labor, good weather conditions and patience.

Should you seal your driveway?

If cracks are forming then the answer is usually yes. Water and plant life may get into cracks in the surface of your driveway, which will turn a small problem into a major disaster in short-order.

When is the best time to seal a driveway?

When it is warm and dry. What until the ground temperature is at least 45 degrees and that no rain is forecast for several days. Rain will ruins the seal on your driveway and cold will delay the finishing process.

What is the most important step?

Preparation. Spreading the sealing for asphalt drives is relatively simple as long as the surface is ready. Remove grass and other plant life from the edges of the driveway. Also clean any strains from the surface. Gas, oil and anti-freeze are the

usual suspects. A power washer will rapidly remove them, but a garden hose and detergent will do.

After washing off the driveway give it plenty of time to dry off. Once the surface is clear start applying the seal.

How do you seal a driveway?

Apply the seal in thin layers and use a long handled brush to spread. It might be best to apply in sections. Also allow at least 24 hours to dry.

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