How safe is your parking lot?

Most business owners might think that they have too many items on their agenda to worry about it. Are they reaching the right audience? What’s the best way to increase revenue? None of it matters if the business gets embroiled in a damaging lawsuit.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics as many as one in 10 property crimes occur in parking lots or parking garages, and almost 20 percent of violent crimes occur in the workplace. The Insurance Institute for Highways Safety reports that as many as 20 percent of all vehicle accidents occur in parking lots.

Parking lots are a magnet for trouble. Distracted drivers interacting with pedestrians equals the potential for an accident.

When is the last time your thought about fixing or improving your company’s parking lot? Have you put off repairs or ignored a safety hazard while considering another area of your business?

Even though repaving your parking lot may seem like something to put off, the data suggests that this is one area that proactive businesses need to consider. A well maintained parking lot limits a business owner’s exposure to risk.

Contact the team at Irish Castle Paving and cross of worrying about the safety of your parking lot off of your to do list.

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