Major Repair or Seal Coating

For homeowners considering an expensive asphalt repair the answer maybe to add a little sunscreen to your driveway instead.

For asphalt protection from the sun is not a matter of SPF, it is applying a layer of sealant. Sealant is a liquid emulsion that provides a coat of protection for your driveway. If your driveway looks like it needs a facelift, expensive repairs to the base may not be necessary. A well-applied spray coat of sealant will make the asphalt driveway look brand new.

Driveway seal coating manufacturers recommend applying sealant as often as every 1-to-2 years.

Even though the harsh weather in Illinois may punish driveways, homeowners may put their driveways to the eye test. If the rock base of the driveway if peaking out from the protective layer then it is time to apply a fresh coat.

Rain run-off, direct sunlight and tire traffic all cause wear and erosion to the surface of a driveway. If multiple cars enter and leave your driveway on a regular basis then it will probably shorten the length of time between seal coatings.

Adding a coat of sealant to a driveway acts as a preventative measure to lengthen the life of your asphalt driveway. If you believe that your driveway needs a fresh coat or if you are not sure then contact the asphalt experts at Irish Castle Paving for a quick and honest assessment of your situation. Your driveway costs too much to leave it untreated to the ravages of Chicago weather.

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