Parking Lot Potholes Lead to Lawsuit

In May 2011 Natalie Meltzer went to the King of Prussia Mall to shop at Nordstrom. When getting out of her car she slipped and fell in the parking lot.

The fall caused a non-displaced fourth metatarsal neck fracture. She blames the fall on a hole in the parking lot. Meltzer filed a lawsuit against Nordstrom, King of Prussia Associates, Yarmouth Lend Lease KOP Inc., Kravco Maintenance Company, HRE Kravco II Inc., and RNA Kravco III Inc. The co-defendents are responsible for the property that the houses the King of Prussia Mall.

According to the complaint, Meltzer claims that she, “suffered agonizing aches, severe physical disability, mental anguish and humiliation and will continue to suffer same for an indefinite time in the future, all to Plaintiff, Natalie Meltzer’s, great detriment and loss,”

She is seeking more than $75,000 in damages.  Do unsightly potholes mare the parking lot at your business? What about the driveway at you home?

Leaving potholes untreated usually ends up costing more money than the fix. Do not allow damage to your parking lot or driveway to leave you liable in a potential lawsuit. Hiring paving experts to fix your parking lot is a lot less expensive than hiring an attorneys to represent you in a negligence lawsuit.

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