Pavement Type Selection Test

There are more than 2.2 million miles of paved roads in the United States, and 94 percent are covered by asphalt surfacing.

Even though asphalt reigns as the surface of choice for road construction projects, determining the best pavement for a project requires applying the pavement type selection test. Pavement type selection is commonly used by state’s departments of transportation and public works departments to determine the best type of material for a pavement project.

Some of the factors considered in a pavement type selection included simple data such as the traffic level of the paved area and more complex considerations that have been broken down into a scoring system.  Some of the factors that the system takes into account include the weather, soil characteristics and the construction consideration such as the staging options.

The most important consideration of any paving project is to ensure that it best serves the users. The end result should be a safe, durable and economical surface built with sustainable materials.

An original construction or re-pavement of a surface is a major investment. A pavement type selection test not only achieves the best possible return on investment but also ensures that the best possible materials are used for the project.

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