Perpetual Asphalt Pavement

Looking for the best possible solution for a pavement project? Perpetual Asphalt Pavement might be the solution.

The Asphalt Pavement Alliance defined Perpetual Pavement as “an asphalt pavement designed and built to last longer than the 50 years without requiring major structural rehabilitation or reconstruction, and needing only periodic surface renewal in response to distresses confined to the top of the pavement.” Even though the definition of Perpetual Pavement was not created until 2000, several well-constructed and thick asphalt projects created before then have been categorized as such retroactively.

Perpetual Pavement offers many advantages including a low lifecycle cost due to the avoidance of deep pavement repairs or a reconstruction. Perpetual Pavement also provides the benefit of low user delay cost because minor surface rehabilitation projects usually may be scheduled to avoid peak traffic hours.

A final advantage of this approach to pavement is the low environment impact due to reducing the amount of materials used over the lifetime of the pavement. Most road resurfacings also recycle the pavement removed for a resurfacing.

Perpetual Pavement provides advantages for every party involved in a pavement project. Since the introduction of Perpetual Pavement several highway project have been recognized for using this innovative pavement construction method.

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