Porous Asphalt Helping Communities

One of the biggest problems with urban development is where to put the water.

Soil absorbs water. Pavement usually only displaces it—until now. Porous asphalt absorbs water and provides communities with a green storm water solution that has already solved major environmental problems in many American communities.

One community that has already benefitted from porous asphalt is New York state’s Adirondack Mountain region. Porous asphalt installed on Beach Street on the south end of Lake George has been instrument in sparing Lake George from contaminated storm water runoff. More than 5,800 vehicles drive on the road daily, and the area has recently seen a large amount of development, which has created concerns over the lake’s water quality. Porous asphalt helped to alleviate these concerns, which have made the material popular with environmental groups.

Beyond gaining the support of environmental groups and becoming an important pavement innovation for public works projects, porous asphalt is also being looked at as a resource for private companies. Porous asphalt parking lots allow businesses to satisfy zoning requirements without sacrificing space often required by other water management systems.

For businesses looking for water management solutions, porous asphalt has already proven to create effective solutions for communities looking to solve wastewater overflow or flooding concerns. As porous asphalt’s use grows this asphalt innovation will become a viable building material for business and residential use.

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