Sinkholes vs. Potholes

Notice any chunks of the road or sidewalk missing?
Watch out where you drive, step or in the case of one Florida man where you sleep.

Jeff Bush went to bedroom in Seffner, Florida on Feb. 28 when the ground opened up and swallowed him whole. The massive sinkhole devoured most of his home, and it ran so deep that rescue crews were unable to locate him.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection says that sinkholes are a common problem in Florida. Sinkholes form when limestone or other carbonate rock gets eaten away by acidic groundwater. Illinois residents do not need to be as concerned as Floridians about sinkholes, which are not as common here. That doesn’t mean that Chicago area drivers do not face their own treacherous obstacles.

Potholes may not swallow an entire person, but they may devour an entire paycheck. Sinkholes form underground and may not be noticed until a hole forms in the ground. Potholes form on the surface due to wear from traffic or the weather. The “balmy” Illinois climate of ice and snow means that our streets take a beating including constant salt treatment. Driving in to a pothole might cause major damage to your car.

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