Three Signs (other than Cracks) of a Poor Concrete Pour

When properly installed a concrete driveway can provide a smooth surface for driving your car or dribbling a basketball. Poor workmanship can cause a bumpy ride full of headaches.

Here are three symptoms of a bad concrete pour.

1. Spalling

Spalling is common in the Chicagoland area because it occurs as the result of salting the roads. Keeping your car out of a ditch punishes your driveway, and it my cause thin surface layers of concrete to breakoff.

If your driveway is spalling it means that salt got into the surface, and you will have to repair or repave to stop the disease from spreading.

2. Popouts

Popouts may not cause widespread damage to a driveway, but they will decrease your driveway’s ascetic value. Popouts occur when triangular fragments of your driveway breaks off.

This occurs due to moisture being absorbed by a section of your driveway. When the moisture in the driveway expands a section will break off causing an ugly pockmark on your driveway.

Popouts are especially annoying if you are trying to sell your house.

3. Blisters

Blisters are tiny bumps across the surface of your driveway that are usually smaller than a half-inch across. Blisters occur due to impatient installation.

If a trowel is applied too quickly expect the surface of the driveway to look like a pockmarked mess instead of smooth service.

Your driveway is the first impression that guests have of your home. Do not let these concrete imperfections ruin your driveway.


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