Unsafe Pavement Edges Lead to Lawsuits

Is your driveway a potential disaster waiting to happen?

Unsafe pavement edges are defined as drop-offs of three or more inches at a 90-degree angel to the roadway edge. Hazardous pavement edges often lead to dangerous vehicle accidents.

This seemingly easy fix causes as many as 11,000 Americans to suffer injuries and 160 to die annually. The cost of these accidents is estimated to be more than $1.2 billion annually. Do not allow this a simple construction error to lead a serious safety concern.

The physical injuries and loss of life are not the only negatives caused by edge drop-offs. Unsafe pavement edge-drop offs cost millions of dollars in tort liability claims. In a costly example of a single edge-drop off lawsuit the court awarded $6 million for injures determined to be caused by defective construction.

Can your business afford to pay expensive legal fees to defend against a lawsuit? That does not even take into account the possibility of paying out a large settlement if found liable in a lawsuit. Project yourself and your business by avoiding pavement pitfalls such as unsafe pavement edges.

Making this fix will prevent vehicle accidents, avoid expensive lawsuits and it may even save lives.

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