When is it time to repave your asphalt driveway or parking lot?

You might have heard the lingo that “black don’t crack,” but when it comes to asphalt cracks will eventually form no matter the quality of the work. Sealing or protecting the driveway or parking lot might help lengthen the life of asphalt finish, but eventually heat, ice and salt take their toll. These create cracks in the brittle asphalt surface.

Once cracks form the driveway or parking lot’s life span is officially on the clock. Cracks let in asphalt’s most destructive force: water. Water carved out the Grand Canyon. So overtime water will eventually cut through a parking lot or driveway. In Illinois water is especially damaging. When water leaks into cracks and freezes it expands and causes minor cracks to grow and new cracks to form.

A complete redo of your parking lot or driveway might be necessary when:

• Cracks form over 25 percent or more of the surface

• The asphalt was installed more than 15 years ago

A properly maintained parking lot might last longer, but after 15 years a parking lot with a considerable amount of traffic is probably nearing the end of its life cycle. If fill-ins or patches quickly fall apart then there might be a structural problem with the parking lot. In that case, contact Irish Castle Paving. They will provide cost effective solutions for a parking lot or driveway overhaul.

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