Concrete Curbs Improve New Construction

When finishing your new construction project do not overlook the value of adding concrete curbs.

Concrete curbs provide a pleasing visual addition to the project, while serving as a barrier to road surface erosion. Some of the protective benefits of a concrete curb include:

Curbs control the flow of rain water

Curbs eliminate drainage swales

Curbs add support to the pavement surface

The addition of a concrete curb will not only lengthen the life of the surrounding pavement but also provide a visual separation for drivers. This separation is an especially important safety measure at night. There are almost no drawbacks to adding a concrete curb to a construction project including the price. The cost of concrete curb construction has also gone down thanks to the slipform finish.

Curb construction is an easy and relatively inexpensive process now thanks to slipforms. A slipform machine provides almost perfect straight edges to the curb that is not dependent on manual labor. This automated process provides a great sloped finish to the curb.

The slipform process means that the curb will not require handmade construction, and that the curb will be finished in a shorter amount of time.

A concrete curb provides an ideal finishing touch to a construction project.

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