Finding the Best Concrete Mix

Concrete may look like a simple concoction, but finding the right mixture takes more than just throwing together water and sand.

Concrete mixes included cement, aggregates and chemicals to make the concrete more manageable depending on your project.  Before starting your concrete project consider your budget, placement, weather and how you want the concrete to look.

When building the perfect concrete mix for your project consider these factors.

1. Durability/Strength

The finished product needs to be able to do its intended job. If the mix is not right then the concrete will not be able to hold your vehicle or handle the traffic passing over it.

One of the keys to the strength of the finished product is the water/cement ratio of the concrete mix.

2. Workability

If you cannot mold the concrete into the area that you require then it does not mater how strong the mix is. Before pouring make sure that the mix is malleable enough to mold into shape properly.

 3. Consistency

The consistency of concrete is measured by a slump value. This is a test to discover the workability of a fresh batch of concrete.

Concrete is a great surface for both driveways and patio areas, but before starting out on your project make sure that the mix is right or you might end up with a mess.


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