Fixing Pavement Drop-Offs

Unsafe edge drop-offs of more than 3 inches cause billions of dollars in damages, thousands of injures and more than 100 deaths annually.

These losses are unnecessary, and they may lead to an expensive lawsuit for a business. To avoid the potential pitfalls of an edge drop-off adopt the safety edge pavement treatment in all pavement-building projects.

What is the “Safety Edge”?

The safety edge is a standard specification that requires a 45-degree angle asphalt fillet on any entrance to a roadway. This additional “safety-edge” is an easy additional to any paving project, and it assures pavement edge safety. An asphalt fillet provides a safe and strong interface between the surface of the road and the path to exit or enter the highway.

Why install a “Safety-Edge”?

A smooth transition between the road and other surfaces is necessary to prevent accidents. Adding a safety edge to a project is cost effective, and usually only a fraction of the total cost of the pavement project.

Avoid sharp dropouts between surfaces through the additional of fillets that make the angle of any surface change more manageable for vehicles or pedestrians.

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