Historical Importance of Concrete Construction

Ever hear of the phrase “All Roads Lead to Rome?

While the phrase currently means that many different approaches lead to the same or similar outcomes, the phrase once noted the power of the Roman Empire. Most roads did lead to Rome during the era of the Roman Empire. Rome influenced most of the political and economic life of Europeans, and Roman influence could be summed up by the Roman system of roads.

Romans build their roads using a material known as Roman concrete, which was a hydraulic-setting cement that displayed many similar qualities to modern cement. All cement consists of an aggregate and a mortar that mixes with water to form into a paste, which hardens over time. Roman concrete proved revolutionary for its durability and uses in different forms of construction. Roman concrete was used to construct some of the most famous buildings from the Roman Empire including the Pantheon, which still stands to this day.

In fact, the word concrete dates back to the Romans, who built their empire using the substance. Paved roads were the foundation of the longest standing empire in human history, and even though the Roman may be gone several of their structure and some of their roads remain. Great construction is timeless.

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