Innovative Asphalt Practices to Make Paving More Affordable

Technical innovation provides improvements in every industry, and paving is no exception.

Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) is one innovative practice that saves money and protects the environment. RAP provides companies with pre-processed materials to be used in new construction. The use of these materials saves the consumer money.

The environmental benefits of RAP include taking up less landfill space and limiting the production of new asphalt. Anytime asphalt is removed from a construction site or an area that is being resurfaced it produces plenty of RAP that would otherwise end up buried in the ground.

Using RAP in new construction should not cause any quality concerns. When properly broken apart and screened for quality, RAP provides an excellent quality base for a new concrete mix. New materials are put through a rigorous testing process, and the same standards apply to RAP mixes.

RAP is not a new technology. Including recycled materials into new asphalt has been a practice since the 1970s, but its use and potential are growing. Rather than making up only 25 percent of a new mix, RAP might make up the majority of mixes for some construction.

Asphalt innovations have made pavement more affordable and longer lasting for both homeowners and municipalities. Municipalities looking to stretch their budget on a new paving project might find working with Irish Castle Paving cheaper than the usual repairs.

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