Large Asphalt Driveway Repairs: Depressions

The good news about asphalt is that it lasts for decades if properly installed. The bad news is that repairs can be time consuming and, at times, costly. If you driveway needs more than a nip tuck, here are some suggestions on how to fix it.

Do you feed the ducks that gather in your driveway after heavy rainfall? Is so that means that you have a depressed area in your driveway. If the area is not much deeper than 2 inches then it may be filled to make the area even with the rest of the driveway.

Prep the area by cleaning it with soap and water. Make sure to remove all oil, dirt and grease. The area may be damp, but there cannot be any standing water in the area. One way to make sure that new material is ready to adhere to the area is to prime it with liquid asphalt, which is also know as driveway coating. Priming the area is recommend especially if making the repairs in cold or damp weather.

Fill depressions with cold patch and level it off with a trowel. Make sure that filled depression is at the same level as the rest of the surface. Once the patch is smoothed use a tamp on the repaired surface area. A tamp is usually a piece of metal with will keep your repairs level not allow the materials to spill out or expand before it hardens.

Your driveway might be less interesting or attractive to wildlife after this simple repair, but it will be easier on your vehicle.

As always if you are not comfortable making repairs please consult with a professional.

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