Asphalt Patios are an inexpensive option.

Asphalt isn’t just for streets anymore. Asphalt is a durable option that lasts 10 to 30 years or more with regular sealing and proper upkeep. More versatile than many other patio options, asphalt can be poured almost anywhere and made to form any shape.

Asphalt Patios can be colorful.

Although the term asphalt typically brings to mind blacktop, asphalt is available in a variety of colors, such as chocolate brown, smokey gray, brown brick, pale terracotta, slate green, pure white, red rose and sandy sand. Due to wear and tear caused by foot traffic, colors may fade in spots after a few years. However, this can be repaired inexpensively by having just the worn section of the patio replaced.

Add a design element to your Asphalt Patio.

Adding a design element, like an outdoor fireplace or pit, to your asphalt patio can create the look you want with minimal extra work. Before the asphalt is poured, a fireplace or pit can be designed out of brick or stone and set in place. Asphalt is then poured around it, creating a design element that will make your patio pop.

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