What’s the best option for your driveway: concrete or asphalt?

The question of the best type of material for your driveway usually comes down to climate. In the cold weather of Illinois concrete driveways are susceptible to cracks due to the snow, ice and frost. It’s not just the snow and ice that punish the concrete either. Our reaction to the snow and ice also causes problems for concrete. Salting a concrete driveway also causes erosion and potentially cracks in the surface. To fight off the effects of salt and ice extra gravel in the concrete mixture may help.

While the Illinois weather might wear on concrete driveways, there are also advantages to choosing to go with concrete. Concrete does not require the maintenance of asphalt. Once a concrete driveway is poured and dried it is finished. Sealants and other types of upkeep that asphalt requires are not necessary.

Asphalt driveways need to be sealed every several years. Even if adding the sealant proves to be not too big of a chore, the driveway cannot be driven on for several days. The surface must also be completely cleared of any oil before application. While this feature might make asphalt seem like an undesirable material, asphalt stands up better to salt and cold weather.

Rather than worrying about making this difficult decision on your own contact the experts at Irish Castle Paving to walk you through your driveway options.

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