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A black, smooth, asphalt paved parking lot, driveway, or sidewalk can add curb appeal to a home or a neat appearance to a business. We at Irish Castle Asphalt Paving know how to make your paving projects look great and provide lasting durability.

Whether you need your current parking lot or driveway resurfaced, or you need pavement laid for a new construction project, we can provide all of the services that you may require.


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Services We Offer

From small repair projects to large corporate building projects, we offer a comprehensive list of services that will fulfill your paving needs. We guarantee fantastic results that are both high quality and affordable. We offer:

Residential or Commercial Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is a low-cost building material. It is less expensive, not just in actual cost, but also in terms of the time it takes to complete construction.


Sealcoating protects asphlalt and restores its original properties, such as binding and waterproofing. This will keep asphalt lasting for years.

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt is subject to breakdown, whether from time, water damage or even heavy loads. We can make repairs quickly and efficiently.


Your driveway may be corroded, worn out, or have cracks, which could all warrant a resurfacing job if the condition is severe enough.

Striping or Marking

As part of enhancing customer relations, car ports and stalls in business facilities became the norm.

Stamped Concrete

Any home can have stamp concrete installed around their pool, patio, throughout their walkways and driveway, and anywhere else you might find concrete.



STEP 1: Asphalt Gravel/Stone

Asphalt installation begins by putting down a layer of stone or gravel. Crushed gravel is popular, as it’s the least expensive base to use for the asphalt. You have choices in the underlay for your asphalt, however, be prepared as different materials have different costs. Once the stone layer has been put in, we move on to the pouring of the asphalt.

STEP 2: Asphalt Pouring

Generally, after the stone has been selected and placed where it is needed, the asphalt is next. The gravel extends a few inches past where the asphalt is poured. This is necessary, because if the asphalt extended to the sides of the gravel, dirt or grass, it can easily break off at the sides as there is nothing supporting it. This would make a driveway look unprofessional.

STEP 3: Asphalt Leveling

After the asphalt is poured, the surface must be leveled and/or straightened. This is to make sure everything is perfectly level and that there are no bumps or areas that are higher or lower than the rest of the asphalt. When this is finished, asphalt only needs to cool and set up. The time it takes to finish a driveway depends on its size and many other variables.

Our Happy Clients

  • My parking lot was confusing customers because the striping lines were worn away and hard to see. Irish Castle recommended a better striping layout that now makes my parking lot easier to navigate. Thank Irish Castle!

    Michael H.
    Michael H. Berwyn, IL
  • Irish Castle Asphalt Paving resurfaced our parking lot in no time. They worked very efficiently and with expert knowledge of what materials would work best. My parking lot has never looked better.

    Joseph G.
    Joseph G. Orland Park, IL
  • Irish Castle Asphalt Paving knew exactly what I wanted. They removed my old, broken driveway and replace it with brand new asphalt that looks great! I highly recommend them to anyone!

    Alan M.
    Alan M. Chicago, IL

Why Your Pavement Matters

For both homes and businesses, clean and crack-free asphalt instantly adds value to an owner’s property. For parking lots, a smooth and easily navigable surface means fewer frustrated customers and for a home, a clean black driveway brings appeal and drama. Asphalt is a relatively inexpensive building material, and it is fantastic when dealing with the extreme temperature changes of the Chicago area. The hot summers and bitter cold winters that can easily crack concrete simply expand or shrink well laid asphalt without damaging it. To make your pavement even more durable, we can protect it with a layer of sealcoating.

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