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Asphalt Sidewalks will meet and exceed your needs.

Whether you are concerned about residential appearances or commercial practicality, asphalt walkways and surfaces are a smart way to meet your traffic or equipment needs. Seldom is strength an issue with sidewalks, but even when it is, todays asphalt and aggregates can handle tremendous weights. Wear and tear is also not much of an issue, given asphalt’s unique ability to breathe, contract and expand.

Asphalt Sidewalks rock!

Apart from the monetary savings that asphalt walkways and sidewalks provide, asphalt is also a very practical, functional and attractive surface. Today, asphalt can be formed and shaped to serve almost any aesthetic or functional need. In modern terminology, asphalt surfaces rock!

Asphalt Sidewalks are easy to install and maintain.

Sidewalks, just like roads, can be constructed and repaired quickly and at low costs using asphalt. Asphalt allows for a continuous, uninterrupted surface making them safer to walk on and making it easier to clear snow and ice in the winter. Local municipalities and housing authorities, typically looking to reduce maintenance costs, will make asphalt their sidewalk material of choice.

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