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Proper Striping and Marking for Parking Lots is Essential

If you have ever been frustrated while driving in a poorly paved and marked parking lot, you know how important great pavement and clear stripping and marking are.

Fresh black pavement and neatly marked parking spaces let potential customers know that you are concerned with the quality of your business’s premises. If you would like to update your parking lot, Irish Castle Asphalt Paving is who you should call.

Benefits of Professional Asphalt Stripping and Marking

A newly painted parking lot can:

Creating a Functional Car Park

Although you may not receive accolades for resurfacing and repainting your parking lot, you will certainly hear complaints if it is poorly maintained. An excellent parking lot is one that allows drivers to navigate easily and safely, while also utilizing the space to provide parking stalls large enough for all sorts of vehicles. We are pleased to offer superior paving and striping skills so that your parking lot is a credit to your business.

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If you would like to request a quote or make an appointment for car park striping, call us at 708-221-8985. Irish Castle Asphalt Paving is Chicago’s number one choice for paving, striping, and marking.

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