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Irish Castle Asphalt Paving, a trusted blacktop contractor serving Chicago, IL, and the bustling suburbs of Naperville, Orland Park, and Glenview, has been paving the way since 1979. Our commitment to business owners in these communities extends to providing top-notch commercial paving services, including driveway paving, asphalt repair, and line striping.

Why Choose Asphalt for Your Parking Lot

Asphalt offers numerous advantages for commercial properties, including its sharp, clean appearance and ability to facilitate winter snow melt. Its easy installation process makes it a convenient choice, especially for new constructions.

Year-Round Appeal
This pavement presents a sleek, pristine, black appearance that attracts potential tenants and their clientele. Its dark hue also aids in snowmelt during winter, as the surface absorbs sunlight and accelerates thawing. This means that your commercial pavement will remain strong year-round.

Easy Installation
Pavement installation, typically swift, offers various methods for parking lot paving. Overlay is a viable option for full pavement reconstruction, which may extend over several weeks. High-quality asphalt can be swiftly and effectively applied, particularly in large commercial areas like loading zones or parking areas.

Longevity and Enduring Quality
The durability of asphalt parking lots is remarkable, with a lifespan ranging from 20 to 30 years. Several factors influence this longevity, including the stability of the subgrade, the excellence of the installation process, the maintenance regimen applied, the effectiveness of the drainage system, and the specific climate conditions of the area.

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With our commercial paving experience, we’ll address factors like drainage and climate to ensure that your pavement looks great and stays strong for decades. We’ll also take care of all municipal permits and other construction paperwork. Trust in our licensed, insured crew for your next commercial paving project!

Irish Castle: Asphalt Parking Lot Paving Specialists in Chicago, IL

With our efficient installation process, business owners can enjoy the benefits of an asphalt parking lot without the lengthy downtime associated with complete reconstruction. Plus, with proper maintenance and attention to detail, our expertly paved commercial pavement provides long-term value and functionality.

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