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Pavement can last for several decades if properly installed, but even great pavement will eventually need to be resurfaced. We at Irish Castle can examine your driveway, sidewalk, or patio and determine if asphalt resurfacing is the best option for your pavement.

Irish Castle Asphalt Paving: Resurfacing Old and Worn Pavement in the Chicago Area for Over 40 Years

Typically, if 25 percent or more of a paved surface is damaged, resurfacing is recommended rather than repairs. The process is easy and affordable. In many situations, a new surface is poured over a patched and repaired existing surface without tearing up the old.

Also referred to as overlay installation, this repair method offers a budget-friendly solution for revitalizing deteriorating parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, driveways, and more. Instead of costly reconstruction, this process involves applying a new asphalt layer over the existing surface. While it provides comparable functionality and appearance to fresh paving, the underlying foundation must be sufficiently intact for resurfacing to be effective.

Signs You Should Request Resurfacing

There are many indicators that it is time for fresh surface for your parking lot or driveway. Some of the signs are:

How It Works

Asphalt resurfacing entails installing an overlay on top of the old pavement, extending its lifespan and deferring the need for reconstruction. This method is faster and more economical than rebuilding and yields results that are nearly identical in appearance, performance, and durability. However, achieving optimal outcomes requires the expertise of a skilled contractor who can assess your pavement’s condition correctly.

When Resurfacing Isn’t Enough: Base Repair and Repaving

If your pavement is relatively new but has significant cracks or other structural defects, you may need to consider improving the foundation on which your pavement was built. Rebuilding and paving from the ground up is a different process. A complete overhaul is more expensive but will prevent you from needing to have your pavement resurfaced frequently.

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