Fulfilling Chicago’s Paving Needs

No matter what your paving needs are, Irish Castle Asphalt Paving has you covered. We know everything there is to know about durable and affordable asphalt paving, and we are ready to help complete your project on time and within budget.

Covering the Bases

We offer the highest quality paving services, including:

    • Parking Lots—A clean, black parking lot looks great and will withstanding extreme temperature changes without cracking.
    • Driveways—For a driveway that melts snow faster because of its black color, and adds curb appeal, go with asphalt.
    • New Construction—From preparing a new construction site pavement to actually pouring and finishing the asphalt, we can be a part of a new construction project from start to finish.
    • Seal Coating—To protect your newly paved or resurfaced asphalt, a clear seal coating is essential.
    • Repairs—Potholes and cracked pavement are unsightly and can be dangerous; we can fix up your pavement like new.
    • Striping and Marking—Painting designated parking spaces or other navigation directions on fresh pavement gives an otherwise blank parking lot purpose and direction.
    • Stamped Concrete—For the look of stone or brick, but at a fraction of the installation cost, we offer stamped concrete.


New Construction Asphalt

We work with property owners and building contractors to provide assistance and pavement installation services that work for the location.

When a design is chosen, Irish Castle Asphalt Paving takes care of everything, from the site preparation to the finished pavement.


Existing Site Asphalt

If you’re existing pavement needs repairs or upgrades, Irish Castle Asphalt Paving has you covered.

We will evaluate the pavement and explain options. Preventitive maintenance is another service we provide. Whether it’s pothole filling and surface patching, or crack filling and sealing, protecting your pavement is critical to extending its life.

Stamped Concrete

Choosing Stamped Concrete for a Unique and Affordable Look Providing the best pavement options is our business at Irish Castle Asphalt Paving. Our services include typical asphalt installations [...]

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to discuss your upcoming project, or you would like to receive a free quote, call Irish Castle Asphalt Paving at 708-599-0844.