Getting the Most from Your Pavement

There are many factors that cause any type of pavement to become worn and damaged over time. At Irish Castle Asphalt Paving, we specialize in repairing and replacing damaged asphalt.

Two of the reasons people choose asphalt over other paving options is its affordability and durability. In order to get the most out of your driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, or other asphalt surface, you should repair it when necessary.

Preventing Oxidation and Corrosion

The main reason asphalt becomes severely cracked or broken is moisture penetrating to its base foundation. If the asphalt’s surface is not properly maintained with required repairs and a sealcoating, then:

  • The surface will begin to dry out, becoming brittle
  • The top layer will erode, creating visible cracks and loose stones
  • Moisture seeps through the visible cracks and reaches the base
  • The base material is shifted by the water which leads to even larger cracks and fissures

Without maintenance, this process will continue until the pavement is complete eroded away.

Exceptional Repairs and Customer Service

Keeping your sealcoating maintained is essential, but it is also important to have cracks sealed and holes filled in. We will gladly repair your worn asphalt, or if the damage is too extensive, completely resurface your paving.


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